Collect e-commerce and marketing data with ease

Use ScaleVal's tools to gather any merchant's financial data — from order history to ad spend — with a single line of code, no matter what platforms they use.

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Integrations with every platform your merchants use

How ScaleVal works for your merchants

Embed our login widget directly within your product, allowing merchants to easily give you access to their sales and marketing platforms.

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  • Select platform

    Merchants select their e-commerce or marketing platform from ScaleVal's extensive list.

  • Authorize access

    Merchants sign in through ScaleVal's secure form.

  • Retrieve data

    ScaleVal's fetches all relevant data using the merchant's credentials.

Introducing ScaleVal Concierge

Send your merchants a single onboarding link and receive your required data as a packaged CSV

How ScaleVal works for your engineers

ScaleVal's API returns data in a consistent format no matter what platform your merchants use — saving thousands of development hours.

    • Product SKUs
    • Subscriptions
    • Orders
    • Refunds
    • Receipts
    • Payments
    • Inventory
    • Withdrawals
    • Expenses
    • Ad spend
    • Customers
    • Shipping

Data for powerful applications

  • Financing
    Programmatically analyze the health and risks of prospective partners
  • Marketing
    Help stores retain and grow their customer base
  • Listings
    List products on multiple platforms at once, programatically

Let's build together

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